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Arb - Arba - Arva - Arbia - Aritana - Rab

Although the first records about Rab we can find among the antique writers, it is for sure that a life existed even before this time. It is confirmed by the late Paleolithic tools, found within the Lopar area. In other words, they prove that the Paleolithic man used to live here.

Today’s Lika and the place of Rab start to develop at the time of the settlement of Libum people, who came in the end of the Neolithic Age, and during whose time the Neolithic followers dismissed the Libum people

In the record of the Greek and Roman geographers, you can find the oldest information about Rab. There, Rab was mentioned was known as Arba, Arva, Arbia, Aritana.

As presumed, in the translation of the Indo-European roots, ARB could mean stern, dark, wooded, just as Rab is today.

The Slavene Croats adjusted this name to the spirit of their language, transforming it into RAB.

The oldest known document, in which we can find the Croatian name Rab, is the Latin document about the establishment of the Monastery of St. Euphemia.

This document is kept at that monastery and has been made in XV. Century

St. Christopher – the protector of the Island of Rab

According to the legend, after the death of the King of Krešimir IV,people from Rab were overtaken by a great disaster. On the 14th of April, 1075; Rab was besieged by Italian Norman vessels.

Helpless to defend themselves from the outnumbered and better armed enemy, people from Rab (Rabans) called for help their protector – St. Christopher, in a way that they have showed his head on city walls in special ceremony.

On the 9th of May, Nomads walked away, without seizing the city. Since then, people from Rab (Rabans) even today have celebrated this day, and have considered St. Christopher as their protector

St. Christopher accounts also for two victories in the beginning of 12th century, and against the attacks from Hungarians and Croats.


The history of the Island (the rulers of Rab):

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