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Sport & recreation


If you wish to spend your vacation actively and devote yourself to sports, Lopar will just thrill you. Along the whole island, there are paths for trekking, running or pleasant walks. It is up to you to decide. Many signs beside those paths stop you from getting lost, so don’t worry. You don’t have to worry that you will get lost because there are many signs beside those paths. Also, there are marks describing a specific type of a plant or a specific quality of terrain (the future geological park – Zidine – Ciganka).

If you prefer a terrain, just in the centre of San Marino, there is a huge centre with tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball, miniature golf, five-a-side soccer...

One of the sport newcomers is also beach-volleyball. Every year there are tournaments held, sponsored by some drink brands. Also, the whole day fun in this sport you can find at the Livacana beach, right next to the Cocktail bar or at the Rajska beach, just beneath the hotel.

For those more in favour of adrenalin, or in the absence of it, it can be found in the following activities: parachute jumping, parasailing, water skiing, sailing, jet skis, bananas...
Or you can just rent a boat, a speed boat, and if this is too much for you….maybe a pedalina or a sandolina will be perfect for you.

However, if it is too tiring, then just go for the underwater night sightseeing, seen through the glass boat bottom.

Don’t worry; there are contents for children as well. So, at all bigger beaches, you can find trampolines, mini trains, swings, small parks...

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